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      Philippine spiritual healing with his fantastic and contradictory painless operations performed with bare hands called " psychic surgery ", became world famous phenomenon . Has it not just the Philippines, it belongs to the world, as said Bill Schul, American writer and researcher in the field of psychology in his book " Psychological frontiers of medicine ."

     Magnetic treatment based on Philippine healing is not time consuming. Therapist works to be treated in the range of 3-10 minutes. The time span is the extent of the disease being treated. In some cases disposed of problems " while you wait ", and while there is a principle that " every disease can be cured , but not everyone." If the sick person does not change his way of life, it automatically returns to the original tracks and runs in selfdestroying mechanism .

      To be able to healer based Philippine method is not subject to any other mental activity ( reiki , psychotronic , and the ability to Biotronik . ) Is also not set any age limit for initiation . Previous findings suggest that not enough just to remove negative energy from the injured area of the patient man, but it is also necessary to strengthen the causal chakra energy , or the affected area . Then take a very good combination appears Reiki and QiGong - the use of cosmic energy in relation to human energy - informational system is a perfect complement .

Phenomenon that demonstrably exists ...